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(Also CW for reclaimed slurs and swearing)


This is just a quick little carrd I decided to link to, as a little extra explanation of parts of my identity!


I am psychically disabled! I have been since I was a small child! I call myself a crip/cripple and there is nothing you can do about it~!My biggest dream is to be able to get a cane one day. I need one so badly, but due to an ableist and abusive family, can't get one yet.Things I KNOW I have: Chronic fatigue + migraines + pain, motor/balance issues, nearsightedness so bad that I am considered legally blind, and hard of hearing.Things I SUSPECT I have: Fibromyalgia.


I am both mentally ill and neurodivergent. I call myself insane, mad, retarded/a retard, slow, a psycho, a borderline bipolar bitch, a lunatic, and there is nothing you can do about it~!I have been diagnosed with many things since I was a child and later a teen. Most of them are professionally DX'd, not that that's suddenly more "valid" than my self-diagnosed things or people who can't get prof-dx'd. I will not specify what is what, because fuck you, I'm ALREADY giving you more than you deserve by TELLING you WHAT I have at all, truth be told!MAJOR Things I have: Autism, ADHD, AvPD, bipolarity, BPD, C-PTSD, depression, OSDD1b, OCD, psychosis, and schizophrenia.I have several other things not listed here, mind you. But these are the major ones that I talk about the most, and are the most apparent xoxo.


I am queer! It's my favorite word to use to describe myself and describe others (obviously excluding those who say not to call them queer because basic decency) and describe the community instead of using LGBT+ or whatever else!It's also nice to use because! I can just! Use it to say what my orientation and gender and presentation and so forth are without having to get into details! It's fun and useful and helps me avoid dumbasses who think they know "what's best" for me! My identity is weird and slops around grossly, so this word is nice!Anyways if you say "q-slur" or "q word" to (refer to) me you're getting instant blocked lmao. No, I am not kidding about this, I could go on a MASSIVE rant about how the word queer was reclaimed from slur status for decades (and how EVERY word used to describe orientation and gender has been used as a slur/insult towards queer people), and then suddenly online in the mid 2010s there was a resurgence of hatred and misinformation campaigns towards the word that were spearheaded by TERFs nonetheless, but I'll spare you. All I'm gonna say is respect those that came before and learn your fucking history.


I am aroace! Aromantic asexual! Yeah! Whoo! I still feel things though, just not attractions! What does that mean? I'll tell you below!

I'm romance-favorable and sex-favorable, meaning that I am favorable to romance and romantic gestures, and I am favorable towards sex, sexual gestures, and sexual content. My hypersexuality probably has something to do with my attitudes towards this, who can say!


I'm fictosexual and fictoromantic, along with objectum. What the hell does this mean? It means that I am attracted to fictional, made-up characters from media, and I am also attracted to inanimate objects!I put this here under aroace because I personally view my attraction to fictional characters AND to inanimate objects as an extension of my aroace label. This does not mean that they are aroace in nature for everyone else, this is just how I, myself, feel about these labels that I use!At some point I'm going to make a carrd that has my fictional attractions and objectum attractions on them, but I'm not linking to them here lol. Sorry!


One of my favorite labels of mine next to queer, I am bi-gay!Now what on earth does that mean? Well many things! Here is actually a really good doc that someone compiled that has explanations about what mspec monos (bi-lesbians, bi-gays, etc) even are, and why someone might use that label! Along with, of course, the history of the terms, and the history of hatred against them.I use this term because it fits me. It accurately describes me. I do not like women or anyone women aligned, I like men and nonbinary-aligned individuals, and bisexual itself has many meanings, meaning anything from "liking 2 genders only", to "liking many genders", to "liking all genders". I fit along the "liking many genders" line of things. And I am gay because well, I like men and nonbinary people as a man and nonbinary person myself! That's gay, duh!So bi-gay I am! And if you have issues with that, the door is over there~!


The long and short of it is that I am bigender, aka two genders in one.

These genders are agender and transmasc, meaning that I both have no gender but I also feel like a man at the same time as well. If that doesn't make sense to you, that's okay! It makes sense to me, it helps me understand myself!A term I've started to use and came up with on my own is "malefuck" or "malefucked". It means the same as genderfuck/genderfucked, but with a male modifier to it. That's essentially my gender, if you want to get more specific than just "bigender"! Also, in terms of how my gender works if you even care, it's static and I constantly feel both agender and male at the same time!


A term not as known as others, I'm ambiamorous.This means that I don't have a preference between monogamy and polyamory. That I am okay with either. So technically yes, this DOES mean I'm polyamorous, but it's not my only desire or thing that I'd be happy with.If things were to work out one way, then they work out one way! And given the way that alters in my system work, as all of them being in a polyam relationship with each other, I'm already used to this kind of love in a way.


I'm T4T, baby!For this, I prioritize trans people over cis people for relationships, due to comfort, safety, and the fact that they'd be more understanding about my situation.This isn't to say I'm against being in a relationship with cis people! If it ever worked out that way, that would be totally fine with me! I just prioritize transes loving transes more, and would seek that out more!


Lastly, I'm GNC, also known as gender non-conforming.Due to being a malefucked agender transman, it's hard to conform to a gender presentation, behavior, and so forth anyways.My dream body/presentation is the following (checks are things I have currently): Long hair ✔, noticeable hips ✔, a certain kind of part below the belt ✔, lots of body hair ✔, top surgery to remove breasts, other gender-affirming surgeries for certain things I don't wish to deal with anymore, and targeted finasteride and testosterone to deepen voice. So, a mix of feminine and androgynous, with a bit of masculine. If this isn't considered "GNC enough" by your abriatary standards, I truly mean it when I say that I don't care~GNC can be whatever you want, after all! As long as you confuse the cises and even other transes, you're doing a great job of being GNC!


Because I wanted to. I used to have a label hoard, and I guess I wanted to do something similar! Except it's more of a tiny pile now, isn't it? I cleaned up!Anyways, I made this not just because I wanted to, but in case people wanted to learn more about what these labels are, and why I, personally, use them to describe myself. It's not NECESSARY for you to read this carrd, nor it is NECESSARY for me to share ANY of this with you, but I wanted to give people the option to educate themselves and try to understand me better!With that said, go ahead and enjoy this carrd! Or don't! And fair warning: Exclusionists and transmeds, I have labels and opinions you won't like lol. Same goes for people who are ableist or sysmeds. I'm everything you hate.


Echo/Ultra/Ember/Sunny, age 25 (1998)
Pronouns: He/him, they/them, it/its, some neos (secret!)
Aside from being physically disabled and neurodivergent, I'm plural!


This is mostly just a little thing about me being plural! Since my alters also have their own labels that they would like to show off! Also, my multiple code to see!
Click the images above to see stuff about the alters! (Host not included)
Click the right arrow to see my multiple code!
Images made with picrews long ago.


  • Number Of Members (including host): Five (5)

  • System Type/Origin: Mixed Origin (Traumagenic, Neurogenic, Endogenic)

  • Number Of Inner Worlds: 6 distinct ones

  • Medical Diagnosis Date: 2007 (originally diagnosed with "MPD")

  • Do Alters Have Different Writing/Creating Styles: Yes

  • Do Alters Have Different Likes/Tastes/Hobbies: GOD yes

  • Age Of Alters: Technically ageless, but it is MORE than okay to refer to them as the age of the host (25) for convenience.

  • Why Are The Alters Non-humans: Due to trauma leaving me feeling rather dehumanized. Non-human predominant systems aren't as uncommon as you may think they are.

  • Doll and Zap are in a relationship, both romantic and sexual.

  • EVERYONE is in a polyamrous queerplatonic relationship.


  • Formed: 2003

  • Role: Protector, sexual protector, caretaker

  • Pronouns: She/her

  • Species: Succubus

  • Info: Eve was misunderstood for the longest time, but now it is understood that she is the protector of the system. She was the first to form, and is also the little voice in our head who tells us to take care of ourself. Very motherly.

  • Identity labels: Cis female, demiromantic, asexual, ambiamorous, Romance-Favorable, Sex-Favorable, Hypersexual

  • Related Emoji (tags, signoff): 💋


  • Formed: 2005

  • Role: Protector + persecutor mix, age-slider

  • Pronouns: It/its, they/them

  • Species: Broken ball-jointed porcelain doll

  • Info: Doll was the second to form. Despite also being a persecutor, Doll means no harm. It tends to front more when things are stressful, but has started to front at other times, including when the host regresses. Hates being in a human body and will feel phantom pain in joints and where cracks "are".

  • Identity labels: Agender, queer, bi-gay, aplatonic, romance-indifferent

  • Related Emoji (tags, signoff): 🧸


  • Formed: 2006

  • Role: Archivist, gatekeeper

  • Pronouns: He/him

  • Species: Android

  • Info: The one who keeps track of all the memories and lets other alters have access to them, and helps other alters switch. Very behind the scenes. His skin is mauve, and his eyes golden. He also still has long hair despite being male, lol. Stressed dad energy.

  • Identity labels: Cis male, unlabeled

  • Related Emoji (tags, signoff): ⚡


  • Formed: 2015

  • Role: Blend of everyone, when all alters (including host) blend

  • Pronouns: They/them

  • Species: A literal galaxy

  • Info: Rarely fronts, typically only front during the most stressful of situations, when the body essentially might as well shut down. The most abstract and least known about alter, with little development as said alter is focusing on getting the body out of the hell situation it's in.

  • Identity labels: Gay. How we or they know this is a mystery.

  • Related Emoji (tags, signoff): 🌌


The Multiple Code was made in around 2001, and is based off of things like the Geek Code and the Furry Code. This is using the Redux Version.N--=$ | P[m/n/a/b, qr/bi/g, ar/as] | A(b r^) | S.H/S.Tr/S.Sd/S.o/S.C(?^) | Om/t/n/e | Mds | Wb/x/~+= | C(cc++, m+~) | OF(r---/o++) | F~+/sn+/xc^ | Mast/spi ~ | Rr/p/qp+ | V (V, ++!>*, ++>*) | Xg/b/ar/as/q/o | Gf/m/n/a | Jc/wr/x | S(r---/o++) | R+


This is the translation of my multiple code, since it's VERY massive:

  • Number of Members: N--=$ (5 members, our numbers stay the same, and most members don't use the body, front-runners are a smaller, relatively static group.)

  • Presentation: P[m/n/a/b, qr/bi/g, ar/as] (The system presents as male, neutral/androgynous, agender, and bigender. The system presents as queer, bi, gay, and aromantic asexual)

  • Age Range: A(b r^) (Body age is 25, age range in the system is all ageless)

  • Species: S.H/S.Tr/S.Sd/S.o/S.C(?^) (The species of system members is human, android, demon, others/unlisted (porcelain doll), and personified concept (a literal galaxy) that is possibly not sentient)

  • Origins: Om/t/n (Origins are mixed, traumagenic, neurogenic, and endogenic)

  • Modifiers: Mds (Disordered system)

  • Worlds: Wb/x/~+= (Words typically are in buildings/indoors, plus an innerworld that is always changing due to being a black void, can be changed via thought and willpower, we have access to multiple of them, and it's just kind of there)

  • Co-Consciousness: C(cc++, m+~) (Excellent communication, and mostly shared memories with major/important life events being fully shared)

  • Outness Factor: OF(r---/o++) (In real life nobody (minus parents vaguely due to diagnoses years ago + me being forced into the "closet") knows, and nobody will ever see this code, while online everyone we talk to knows we're multiple. We don't try to hide it)

  • Spirituality: F~+/sn+/xc^ (Multiple members are agnostic, multiple members are Satanists, and externally we practice Catholicism, or at least used to)

  • Metaphysical: Mast/spi ~ (Metaphysically we have experienced astral travel/projection, bilocation, non-physical world, remote viewing, and/or out-of-body experience, along with spirits work, ghosts, poltergeists, angels, demons, deity work. We explain them using non-metaphysical reasons)

  • Relationships: Rr/p/qp+ (The inner system relationships we have are romantic (and sexual) in nature, platonic in nature, and everybody in the system is in a poly queerplatonic relationship)

  • Availability: V (V, ++!>*, ++>*) (The body is currently single and not opposed to entering a relationship. Inner system, two of us are in a long-term relationship, and all of us are in a long-term queerplatonic relationship)

  • Orientation: Xg/b/ar/as/q/o (Inside the system, there are members that are gay, bi, aromantic, asexual, queer, and other (unlabeled) orientations)

  • Gender: Gf/m/n/a/b (In the system, there are female, male, neutral/androgynous, agender, and bigender members)

  • Outer Life: Jc/wr/x (We work/have an education in computer science, we have a freelance side job of being a writer (takes commissions), and we are currently unemployed AND disabled)

  • Social: S(r---/o++) (In real life we enjoy being solitary, and don't have many friends, while online we have lots of friends and spend a lot of time with them)

  • Roleplaying: R+ (We enjoy roleplaying and are in one or two RP groups)